Rashtriya Madhyamik Siksha Abhijan (RMSA), Assam is a comprehensive and integrated flagship programme of the Government of India (GOI), implemented in the state of Assam for providing quality and meaningful education to all children in the age group 14-16 years of age for Secondary Schools and 16-18 years of age for Higher Secondary Schools in Assam .RMSA has a vision to make secondary education available, accessible and affordable to all young persons.

Hon’ble Prime minister in his Independence Day speech, 2007 has inter–alias stated that, “We are setting out a goal of universalizing secondary education. This is clearly the next step after universalizing elementary education. While the goal is laudable much work needs to be done before we are in a position to launch the scheme for Universalisation of Access for Secondary Education (SUCCESS). Its details need to be quickly spelt out and discussed with States so that we are fully ready to launch it from. We must not underestimate the complexity of this task as the principles for universalizing elementary education cannot be easily transferred to secondary education. The physical, financial, pedagogical and human resource needs are quite different. We also need to recognize the role currently being played by the private sector and policy design must factor this in. Detailed strategies and plans would need to be paid to Districts with SC/ST/OBC/Minority concentration. The recommendations of the Sachar Committee need to be seriously considered while planning for this programme.”

Aim & Objectives of RMSA, Assam :

Universal access of secondary education by 2017.
Bridging gender disparity and socio-economic disparity, disability and other barriers.
Universal retention by 2020.
Quality education to all children.
To provide a secondary school within a reasonable distance of 5 kms from any habitation and higher secondary schools within 7-10 kms.
Access to secondary education with special references to economically weaker sections of the society, the educationally backward, the girls and the disabled children residing in rural areas and other marginalized categories like SCs, STs ,OBCs and Educationally backward minorities.

Prime Organizational hierarchy:

Present Mission Director Shri R. C. Jain IAS
Senior Administrative Officer Sri Paragmoni Mahanta ACS
Officer on Special Duty Krishna Baruah ACS
Officer on Special Duty Rituparna Thakuria ACS

Organization Structure:

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